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We’re a team of passionate, driven individuals determined to prevent and end domestic violence. We believe that domestic violence is a human rights issue and that every person deserves to live in a safe environment, free from oppression and with the opportunity to thrive.

As survivor-centered advocates, we deliver unique and compassionate services to support survivors and their families as they heal from the emotional trauma of domestic violence. Read more about how 100% of the survivors we served in 2016 strengthened their skills and strategies to support the on-going safety of themselves and their children.



As forward-thinking innovators, we maximize our supporters’ investments by developing groundbreaking programs to help more survivors, more effectively. Read more about our nationally recognized Housing Stability Program that has a 96% success rate at getting and keeping families stably housed.



As agents of social change, we partner with established community leaders who affect beliefs and behaviors that perpetuate domestic violence within our communities. Read more about the impact we’ve made among tens of thousands of community members over the last four years.


We first opened our doors in 1982 as Eastside Domestic Violence Program, offering a volunteer-run crisis line to women and men in our community experiencing violence and abuse in their homes. Thanks to the continued investments from community members like you, we’ve grown to become a leading domestic violence agency in Washington State and a nationally recognized leader in the field.

Together with you we’re building a movement to end domestic violence once and for all. Thank you for partnering with us!