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In 2012, LifeWire boldly committed to focus on domestic violence prevention as one of our primary efforts. We set out to build a program aimed at changing societal beliefs, attitudes and behaviors that perpetuate domestic violence.

Today, because of the increased support and engagement of our community, domestic violence prevention is now a cornerstone of our work.

Men talking to each other in a support group

Our team educates tens of thousands of community members each year about the impact of domestic violence.

We partner with established leaders who can affect change within our communities. Through trainings, workshops and strategy sessions, these leaders become equipped to act as domestic violence prevention agents.

Our communities of focus

  • Local School Districts: Using innovative exercises to engage middle and high school students, LifeWire’s Social Change Team provides youth with the skills necessary to build healthy relationships and avoid abuse.
    • Coaching Boys into Men: Sports coaches are very influential in the lives of young men and are uniquely positioned to have a positive impact on young men’s beliefs and behaviors both on and off the field. Coaching Boys into Men (CBIM) equips coaches with tools to help their young athletes build respectful, non-violent relationships. In the last four years, LifeWire’s Social Change Manager has implemented the Coaching Boys into Men (CBIM) program in three local school districts and is currently working to implement the program at O’Dea High School.

Teen girl studying with friendsIn 2016, LifeWire reached 3,089 teens across East King County. Because of its popularity and effectiveness, LifeWire’s prevention work is now being integrated into the curriculum of four King County school districts.

  • Faith: By engaging leaders across multiple faith communities, including Muslim, Jewish and Christian communities, we educate faith leaders on how to effectively address dating and domestic violence within their congregations.

After partnering with LifeWire’s Social Change Manager to develop a protocol for responding to domestic violence incidents within his congregation, one local pastor is sharing his work with other faith leaders across the community. Read more about this pastor’s story in our 2016 Annual Report.

  • Local Colleges and Universities: Through a partnership launched with Bellevue College, which educates more than 30,000 students each year, we work alongside academic faculty, staff and campus leaders to strategize how best to increase our reach and impact on students. In the near future, domestic violence education will become woven into students’ day-to-day curriculum.

Female college student1 in 4 female college students has experienced unwanted sexual contact.1

Breaking the cycle of violence is a community-wide effort. With you by our side, we can truly prevent and end domestic violence, together.

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