We Mobilize Social Change

In 2012, LifeWire boldly committed to domestic violence prevention as one of our primary efforts. We set out to build a program aimed at changing societal beliefs, attitudes and behaviors that perpetuate domestic violence.

Today, because of the increased support and engagement of our community, domestic violence prevention is now a cornerstone of our work.

LifeWire educates thousands of community members each year about the impact of domestic violence.

Community Engagement and Prevention

We partner with schools and organizations to train and equip leaders to drive domestic violence prevention and intervention strategies.

  • Our community engagement and prevention efforts target local school districts, faith communities and colleges. Through these partnerships, we educate communities on how to build healthy relationships and identify domestic violence.
  • LifeWire leads social change through strong collaborations in our community, including with local governments, court and legal systems, faith communities, law enforcement, health and mental health care, housing and social services providers.
  • LifeWire works to change individual, institutional and societal beliefs and behaviors that perpetuate domestic violence through systems advocacy.

Breaking the cycle of violence is a community-wide effort. With you by our side, we can truly prevent and end domestic violence, together. Join us!

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