Services Director

Position: Services Director
Reports to: Executive Director
Contact:  Suzie Cavassa, LPA Search Consultant

LifeWire is an equal opportunity/affirmative action employer. We value diversity on our staff. Survivors of domestic violence and persons of color are encouraged to apply.

About LifeWire:

LifeWire is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, founded in 1982 to help adults, children, and youth who have been impacted by domestic violence to build safer, healthier homes by offering support, resources, and professional services including survivor advocacy, mental health therapy, legal advocacy, shelter, and housing. LifeWire is a healthy, fiscally-stable organization with a dedicated Board and staff poised to further its mission: to end domestic violence by changing individual, institutional and societal beliefs, attitudes and behaviors that perpetuate it.

Domestic violence is a human rights issue. LifeWire envisions a world in which every person lives in a safe environment, free from oppression and with the opportunity to thrive.


LifeWire delivers unique and compassionate services that provide profound healing. We focus on truly supporting survivors and giving them every opportunity to thrive and succeed. We offer opportunity and hope through services that empower survivors, provide safe housing and promote healthy relationships for the next generation. As a result, survivors are able to attend to their basic needs, find peace, and rebuild their lives. Each survivor reaching out to LifeWire has a unique story. Each individual success is a victory.

LifeWire is seeking a Services Director who is a highly-motivated collaborative leader with a passion for the mission. LifeWire will be best served by the future Services Director’s ability to develop and manage teams providing the leadership necessary to ensure that services meet survivor needs and further mission reach. Continue reading “Services Director”

“They are Powerful”

On a cold February morning, a dozen Eastside high school students arrived in Olympia excited to participate in Domestic Violence Advocacy Day for the first time. The members of GOVAA (Gender Orientated Violence Advocacy and Activism), an after school club at Interlake High School, all share a deep commitment to supporting survivors of gender-based violence and promoting healthy relationships within their school and community. Many have experienced domestic violence in their own families or watched friends struggle with dating violence and unhealthy relationships. They were eager to tell their stories and, as one student shared, “change the world.”

Group of teen smiling at camera

In the morning, the students gathered with DV advocates from across the state to learn about legislation affecting survivors. Many of the youth were surprised by how many of the bills aimed at preventing homelessness and addressing poverty would also help survivors of domestic violence. By the time they met with their representatives, the students felt energized to “improve the lives of our community members.”

Their enthusiasm was contagious. After sharing their personal stories about gender-based violence and how violence impacted their family and friends, a legislative aide told LifeWire’s social change manger “they are powerful.”

Young people have a tremendous ability to shift culture if we empower them. The youth only spent a day in Olympia, but it had ripple effects in the community and their lives. Several of the bills the youth advocated for became law, increasing protections for survivors and low income families. GOVAA is looking for other ways to enact policy changes on the Eastside. And one student has decided to run for student body office next year.

Why I Give – Kim Olmstead

Kim holding Tia, a medium sized black lab

My Parents

I was raised by terrific parents. My dad always treated my mom and me with respect, admiration, and love. My mom set a powerful example by standing up for herself, stating her case, and compromising. Their marriage was (and still is) a partnership of mutual respect. In our home, everyone had a right and a voice. Every child and adult should live in such an environment.

That conviction made ending domestic violence my passion. It led me to volunteer and serve on the board. And it is why I continue to give my time and resources to LifeWire. Continue reading “Why I Give – Kim Olmstead”