Bellevue College and LifeWire educate students and faculty on domestic abuse

Bellevue Reporter
By Allison DeAngelis

What is domestic abuse? Is it exclusively physical violence? Is it considered domestic violence if one person verbally manipulates or criticizes the other? Physically follows them? Demands oversight of their social accounts?

Students and faculty at Bellevue College are now pondering those questions through a growing partnership with local domestic violence organization LifeWire. As the college grows, the two entities are pushing more people to be active bystanders in cases of sexual assault and dating violence.

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LifeWire Featured on Public Affairs Radio Show

During October’s Domestic Violence Action Month, LifeWire’s Program Director, Maria Williams, and LifeWire’s Social Change Manager, Ward Urion, were interviewed for 1150 AM KKNW’s Public Affairs Show with Gary Shipe.

Maria and Ward shared the importance of action and awareness in preventing and ending domestic violence in our community and provided information about LifeWire’s innovative and life-saving programs and services.

The segment aired on Sunday, October 23 across four local radio stations: KKNW 1150 AM, KIXI 880 AM, KQMV Movin’ 92.5 FM, and KVRQ Rock 98.9 FM.

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Eastside agencies and organizations offer help for domestic-violence survivors

Redmond Reporter
By Samantha Pak

When it comes to domestic violence, there is more to getting out than just exiting an abusive relationship.

Once a person leaves, some of the things they may have to deal with range from finding a new place to live and figuring out how to financially support themselves, to learning how to be safe and about the legal options they have to stay that way.

Since 1982, LifeWire has been working to help people on the Eastside and throughout the Puget Sound area with this.

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