Domestic Violence and Child Custody

Two boys sitting and hugging on a playground
Courts as a tool for abuse

Often people believe that when a parent leaves an abusive relationship they will gain primary custody of the children; however, many family courts don’t consider a history of domestic violence as grounds for denying the abuser partial or full custody. Survivors often face an uphill battle for custody. And abusers are more likely than non-abusers to challenge custody ruling. 70% of the time abusers succeed in getting partial or full custody. Continue reading “Domestic Violence and Child Custody”

Team Up Washington

Team Up Washington Logo in front of a soccer field
We are excited to announce the launch of Team Up Washington, a partnership between LifeWire, Washington State Coalition Against Domestic Violence, and Harborview Center for Sexual Assault and Traumatic Stress. The new initiative uses sports as a platform to prevent violence by empowering student athletes to be leaders at their high schools and in their communities.

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