LifeWire Joins 1150 AM KKNW Financial Fitness NW’s Team

1150 AM KKNW | Financial Fitness NW
Patricia Johnson and Sarah Riley

On Thursday, July 27, LifeWire’s Executive Director, Rachel Krinsky, and Communications & Events Specialist, Samantha Tripoli, joined co-hosts Patricia Johnson and Sarah Riley of the Financial Fitness NW radio talk-show on 1150 AM KKNW. Together, we discussed the impact of domestic violence and the ways in which LifeWire supports survivors and children across our community.

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The Impact of Federal Funding on Survivors of Domestic Violence – Anna’s Story

Bellevue Reporter
By: Rachel Krinsky
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Anna was first introduced to LifeWire through the police. She had just been physically assaulted by her husband of 20 years – the same man who refused to allow her to become a U.S. citizen. Despite her efforts to obtain a Green Card, Anna needed her husband’s approval. Instead of signing her paperwork, he held the threat of deportation over her head for the course of their entire marriage.

Anna and her husband have a daughter, Noemi, who is a U.S. citizen. Despite increasing violence, Anna did not leave her husband. If she was deported, her daughter would be under the control of her physically abusive father. That was a risk Anna wasn’t willing to take.

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LifeWire Executive Director, Rachel Krinsky, Interviewed on New Day Northwest

New Day Northwest | KING 5
Su Ring

The fatal shooting in a special needs classroom in San Bernardino, California, has once again turned attention to the issue of domestic violence. On Monday, a gunman gained access to his estranged wife’s elementary school classroom. He shot her and two students who were standing behind her, then took his own life. His estranged wife and one of the students died in the incident.

Even though we can’t know exactly what went on in their specific situation, it’s important to renew the conversation about this type of violence. Rachel Krinsky, Executive Director of the domestic violence advocacy organization LifeWire, joined New Day NW host Margaret Larson to share more about how friends and coworkers may help support someone who is living in an abusive relationship, as well as how a DV victim may reach out for help.

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Bellevue College and LifeWire educate students and faculty on domestic abuse

Bellevue Reporter
By Allison DeAngelis

What is domestic abuse? Is it exclusively physical violence? Is it considered domestic violence if one person verbally manipulates or criticizes the other? Physically follows them? Demands oversight of their social accounts?

Students and faculty at Bellevue College are now pondering those questions through a growing partnership with local domestic violence organization LifeWire. As the college grows, the two entities are pushing more people to be active bystanders in cases of sexual assault and dating violence.

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