Children’s Services

LifeWire offers individual advocacy and weekly support groups for children and youth who have witnessed abuse in their homes as well as for teens who have experienced violence in their own dating relationships. Often youth join our support groups because a parent is participating in LifeWire’s services or because they participated in one of our workshops in their school or community group. In 2017, 311 children and youth participated in LifeWire’s support groups.

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Remembering Dr. King’s Life and Legacy

“Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.”
– Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

More than half a century ago, Dr. King wrote those words in his famous “Letter from Birmingham Jail.” Today we honor his memory and strive to continue his work.

At LifeWire, we know that to reach our mission of ending domestic violence we must achieve justice for all survivors, especially for those who face the greatest barriers. And we know that achieving justice for survivors means moving beyond providing shelter and support.

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425 Magazine | A Call for Help

A Call for Help
By Lauren Foster | 425 Magazine

Connie Ellis always gets a little nervous when LifeWire’s phone rings. As a volunteer, she works the Bellevue organization’s helpline for survivors of domestic violence. The calls that come in can range from a woman fleeing an abusive husband and in need of a new place to hide to a mother overwhelmed with shame and looking for someone to talk to. Ellis is that person.

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Hubbard Radio Seattle Spotlights Domestic Violence

During October’s Domestic Violence Action Month, LifeWire’s Executive Director, Rachel Krinsky, and domestic violence survivor, Becky, were interviewed for Hubbard Radio Seattle’s Public Affairs Show with Gary Shipe.

The segment aired on Saturday, October 21 and Sunday, October 22 across four local radio stations: KKNW 1150 AM, KIXI 880 AM, KQMV Movin’ 92.5 FM, and KVRQ Rock 98.9 FM.

Listen to the full segment here: