An abusive husband, three kids and no place to go

An abusive husband, three kids and no place to go. That’s what Bryan told LifeWire’s Helpline staff when he called. Because many local domestic violence shelters don’t have places where men can comfortably stay, Bryan and his three children were facing homelessness.

Domestic violence survivors can face many challenges when leaving an abusive partner: homelessness, financial instability and the continued threat of violence.
LGBTQ survivors may experience other barriers to help. Gay men and transgender individuals may not be welcomed or comfortable at female only domestic violence shelters. Survivors may also have legal concerns about custody if they have non-biological children. 

When Bryan came to LifeWire, he and his family moved into our Emergency Shelter, My Sister’s Home, right away. Because of the unique setup of our shelter, the family was admitted without any problems. For the first time in a long time, the family feels welcome and safe.

DV and the LGBTQ Community

While there is a need for more research, recent studies suggest that the LGBTQ community experiences domestic violence at rates similar or slightly higher than heterosexual women. In lots of ways, domestic violence committed in LGBTQ relationships is similar to domestic violence committed in heterosexual relationships. It may include emotional, psychological abuse, economic abuse, physical violence and/or sexual assault. But, LGBTQ survivors also face some distinct challenges.
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Remembering Dr. King’s Life and Legacy

“Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.”
– Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

More than half a century ago, Dr. King wrote those words in his famous “Letter from Birmingham Jail.” Today we honor his memory and strive to continue his work.

At LifeWire, we know that to reach our mission of ending domestic violence we must achieve justice for all survivors, especially for those who face the greatest barriers. And we know that achieving justice for survivors means moving beyond providing shelter and support.

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