Self Care Kit for the Holidays

Cozy spot in front of a window with pillow, hot chocolate, candle, and books

The holiday season is a perfect time to think about self care.

This time of year can bring up many different feelings for survivors, so whether you’re traveling to visit friends or family, hosting a gathering in your home, or curling up on the couch, it’s nice to keep a few things around that make you feel safe and calm. Try making a travel-friendly self care kit so you can feel more grounded no matter where the season takes you. We rounded up a few ideas for what to include. Continue reading “Self Care Kit for the Holidays”

Survivors Face Challenges Voting

Four Women Holding Vote Signs

privacy at the ballot box

Survivors of domestic violence often go to great lengths to keep themselves safe. For some, that means choosing between privacy and convenience.

For one Washington state survivor, the struggle to keep her address private meant giving up voting. KUOW spoke with LifeWire’s executive director, Rachel Krinsky, about the challenges survivors like her face when trying to vote.

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October is Domestic Violence Action Month

October is Domestic Violence Action Month. Take Action. Get Involved. Make a difference.

Domestic Violence Action Month (DVAM) launched nationwide in 1987 as a way to connect and unite individuals and organizations working to end domestic violence. Over the last three decades, we have made significant progress by bringing the issue of domestic violence out of the shadows and working towards a society where everyone is free from abuse. There is much left to do.

Safe and healthy families are the key to ensuring safe and vibrant communities. We each have the power to change our culture of violence to one of kindness and compassion through words and our actions.

Join us this October for a month of action and awareness.

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