LifeWire Hires a New Co-Executive Director for Organizational Operations

It is my pleasure to announce to you that we have hired the new Co-Executive Director of Organizational Operations. Through a rigorous search process, the Search Committee, in partnership with the Executive Committee of the board and several LifeWire staff members and Directors, determined that Janeira Bencosme-Gil would be an ideal fit for our organization.

Janeira Headshot

The board and I are very excited about the skills, passion, leadership, and partnership Janeira will bring to LifeWire. After seeing her interact with members of the LifeWire team, it is evident we will be engaging in a true partnership that is going to result in optimal outcomes for survivors.

Janeira and her family will be relocating to the Pacific Northwest, and she will begin her work with LifeWire on July 3rd. While I could share many things with you all about Janeira, I’ll allow her to share a bit about herself below.

In her own words…

Since graduating college 17 years ago, I have spent the entirety of my career committed to the field of Domestic and Gender-Based Violence services. Before stepping into my new position at LifeWire, I proudly served as the Deputy Director for the NYC Mayor’s Office to End Domestic and Gender-Based Violence, at the Staten Island Family Justice Center.  These centers are co-located multidisciplinary service centers providing vital social services to survivors of domestic and gender-based violence.  I am particularly proud of my time at the Staten Island Family Justice Center because I was lucky enough to be part of the incredible team that brought the center to life, from the first groundbreaking to a thriving center empowering survivors. 

My role was diverse, ranging from managing everyday operations and establishing policies, to guiding virtual programs and participating in city-wide initiatives,  developing and implementing an all-encompassing community outreach and education program. 

Prior to my time at the Staten Island Family Justice Center, I’ve filled several positions where I worked closely with the Family Justice Centers throughout New York City, including as a Child Protective Advocate, Resource Coordinator, and Paralegal with the District Attorney’s office, where I worked on complex cases intersecting with issues such as substance abuse, mental health, and sex trafficking. 

Now, I’m preparing to undertake an exciting new journey as the Co-Executive Director of Organizational Operations at LifeWire, and I am thrilled to contribute my dedication and energy to the Seattle area. 

As a proud Dominican American Latina, this role provides me with an even greater platform to champion racial equity and social justice. 

The upcoming move to Seattle excites me. I am eager to engage with the local community and strive to make a positive impact. As a mother to two incredible daughters, I am passionate about amplifying underrepresented voices, breaking down systemic barriers, and fostering a society that respects diversity, inclusivity, and equal opportunities. This new chapter in my career is not merely a professional transition, but a deeply personal commitment to continue to propel positive societal change.

Please join me in warmly welcoming Janeira and her family to LifeWire!

Theresa Anderson (she/her/hers)
President, LifeWire Board of Directors

Meet LifeWire’s Dynamic Leaders: Housing and Services Directors

Alexis Harden, LifeWire Housing Director, and Liv Montgomery, LifeWire Services Director photographed with Valarie Buford and Karlah Ramírez-Tánori
Alexis Harden, LifeWire Housing Director, and Liv Montgomery, LifeWire Services Director, photographed with Valarie Buford and Karlah Ramírez-Tánori

We are excited to announce that we have successfully transitioned our Survivor Driven Services to a shared leadership structure between Olivia Montgomery, our new Services Director, and Alexis Harden, in a newly created position, Housing Director. By replicating our co-leadership model for our survivor-facing services, we have divided responsibilities between advocacy response and housing programs. Leveraging and braiding the wealth of experience in community research and racial and gender advocacy that Olivia brings to the role, with the extensive knowledge in local youth and family housing interventions Alexis holds, this partnership has been seamlessly working with our staff community to assess, align and enhance our shared commitment to survivors.

The benefits of this change have been quick and consistent over the last few months with a breadth of successes, including new and re-imagined partnerships with organizations like 4Tomorrow, the only culturally specific DV organization in Bellevue serving Latinx survivors, as well as For Goodness Cakes, an organization both feeding and feeding-into the development of youth in Washington. In addition, strategic changes have been made to our internal staffing structure to remove barriers, exponentially increasing response times for all survivors seeking services

For survivors, these changes show up as in-person family support for families in our housing programs. Families have enjoyed building community through outings to the aquarium, zoo, and museum, as well as participating in LifeWire’s survivor-centered BBQs, complete with food, games, and prizes. And, in our newly organized office space equipped with a resource room stocked with hygiene items, diapers, and children’s art supplies. We look forward to future developments and are thankful to Olivia and Alexis for their commitment to collective leadership and leading efforts to open a path to safety, stability, and healing for all survivors and their families. 

Introducing Freddy Vega

Freddy Vega, LifeWire’s Diversity Equity and Inclusion Manager

After intentional planning and collaboration between staff and the Board of Directors, LifeWire has created a full-time Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) manager role. In October 2022, LifeWire welcomed Freddy Vega to this leadership position! He is helping LifeWire to continue to build equitable space for internal staff in alignment with our core values and mission to uplift and support survivors of domestic violence on their journeys toward safety, stability, and healing.

Hope Starts Here Lunch

Save the Date!

Join us on Thursday, May 25, 2023, and find out more about the amazing work that LifeWire is doing in our community to prevent and end domestic violence.

If you would like additional information, please contact Sukai Gaye, LifeWire Communications and Events Manager, at 425-229-5305 or

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LifeWire Gala & Auction

Join us Saturday, October 14, 2023, at our annual Gala & Auction which brings together over 600 community guests for an evening of glamour and giving. Evening highlights include a dazzling wine reception and silent auction followed by a gourmet dinner and entertaining live auction. Sasha Summer Cousineau is our fabulous auctioneer! Check back for more details!

Your support makes a profound difference – providing compassionate services, safe housing, and hope – to domestic violence survivors, children, and families when they need it most.

Celebrate Women’s History Month with LifeWire!

Historically, women have been underrepresented in leadership roles due to various societal and cultural factors, including gender biases, stereotypes, and discrimination. Gender-based inequalities are addressed at LifeWire by promoting diversity and inclusivity at all levels. Our commitment to the representation of women in leadership positions continues. Women have the talent, skills, and experience to be amazing leaders. We are committed to breaking down gender-based barriers that prevent people from reaching their full potential. We are proud of the talented women in all positions at LifeWire. We will continue to support and empower all people to be successful. During Women’s History Month, we would like to introduce you to LifeWire’s Women in Leadership:

LifeWire Hires New Co-Executive Director

On behalf of LifeWire’s Board of Directors and staff, I am thrilled to announce we have hired our Co-Executive Director of Survivor Driven Services — Karlah Ramírez-Tánori!

Karlah Ramírez-Tánori, LifeWire’s Co-Executive Director of Survivor Driven Services

Over the past 20 years, Karlah has held multiple leadership roles dedicated to social justice, crisis intervention, and prevention in the non-profit gender-based violence field. She has held leadership positions working collaboratively with state and national organizations and she has for-profit leadership experience as a business owner.

Karlah has been the recipient of two leadership fellowships supporting the elevation of women of color in nonprofits and has served on multiple boards and state committees focused on improving services for survivors, children, and families affected by domestic and sexual violence.

In 2022, Karlah served as LifeWire’s Services Director and in 2023 has been promoted to LifeWire’s Co- Executive Director of Survivor Driven Services.

It’s an absolute honor to be chosen as the Co- Executive Director of Survivor Driven Services at LifeWire. I am so impressed by our staff, our Board, and the survivors we serve every day. This is an exciting time to lead LifeWire as we expand our emergency shelter, transitional housing, and comprehensive onsite services for survivors who face the greatest safety risks and highest barriers to safe housing in our community.  

Working together, we can create a world where every person lives in a safe environment, free from oppression, and with the opportunity to thrive.                                                                  – Karlah Ramírez-Tánori  

Thank you for your continued support of LifeWire and the survivors we serve throughout this transition as we continue to move this incredible organization forward. We are committed to providing every possible resource to ensure the safety, security, and well-being of the survivors we serve.  


Theresa Anderson
President, LifeWire Board of Directors

The Seattle Times Fund for Those in Need: Neighbors helping neighbors since 1979

“I remember what it felt like when somebody answered the phone, when somebody gave me hope when I had none. Somebody cared. I knew I needed to get to the other side to one day provide that for others,” said Karlah Ramírez-Tánori, LifeWire Services Director.

On December 14th, Karlah shared her story in The Seattle Times: A domestic violence survivor found help at LifeWire. Then she came back to help | The Seattle Times. We hope you take the time to read Karlah’s story and share it with your friends, family, and community.