Senior woman outdoors, smiling at cameraLeave a Legacy

“Your bequest or planned gift to LifeWire will create a chance for a better life for survivors and children facing domestic violence. Your gift will prevent and end domestic violence today and for future generations. Leave a legacy that will not be forgotten.”   

Why do we give?

Most of us want to make a difference in our lifetime and beyond; to make the world a better place for our families and our community. There are several ways that you can leave a legacy to LifeWire, during or after your lifetime. Planned gifts help to secure the future of LifeWire’s services, and may offer tax benefits.

How do I give?  

Your gift reflects your values, hopes and traditions. For most of us, an estate gift will be the single largest charitable donation we ever make. We can help you to choose a gift arrangement that suits your circumstances – now and into the future.

  • Bequests – More than 80% of all estate gifts are made by bequest through a will or living trust.
  • Annuities and Life Insurance – usually require completing a change-of-beneficiary.
  • Split Interest Gifts – Even though you complete the gift now, you retain income for a term of years, or the remainder of your lifetime.
  • IRA – Retirement plan assets face double taxation when left to individuals; charities are tax-exempt.
  • Real Estate – Given outright or with retained lifetime residency rights.
  • Stock Transfer – it’s easy to transfer a percentage of existing stock to a charity.

These gifts typically provide benefits such as bypass of capital gains tax, charitable income and/or estate tax deductions, plus increased current or deferred income.  Remembering LifeWire in your estate planning will make a profound difference today and leave a lasting legacy for many tomorrows.

Start today

Your gift may require a financial advisor (a financial planner, attorney or CPA). Another source of assistance is a planned-giving specialist who will focus on helping you pursue gift ideas that reflect your priorities and financial objectives. Estate plans are rarely prepared for the sole purpose of leaving a charitable bequest, but if you’re among the 50% of Americans without an up-to-date will, it’s important to take action now.

Include a charitable legacy that will make a profound difference in the lives of so many in need of LifeWire’s critical programs and services. Your gift will ensure that LifeWire will provide safety, life-changing programs and supportive services to domestic violence survivors and their children in our community today and in the years to come.

Please contact Kelly Becker, Development Director, at 425-562-8840 ext. 253 or for more information on pursuing your charitable legacy to LifeWire.