We Support Domestic Violence Survivors

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Our advocates partner with survivors on their individual journeys to gaining renewed strength and empowerment. We listen to survivors as they describe their needs and help them identify resources that will enable them to build safer lives. By tailoring our support to each survivor, we are able to truly respond to survivors’ unique barriers, challenges, and goals.

meeting survivors’ needs

We offer a wide array of services that help survivors heal from domestic violence.

Survivor-Driven Advocacy

Our advocates deliver survivor-driven advocacy based on what individual survivors identify as important or necessary, including emotional support, safety planning, and resource referrals.

24-Hour Helpline

Our 24-Hour Helpline is staffed by advocates who provide options, resources, and support to domestic violence survivors, their families, and community members.

Support Groups

Our adult and children’s support groups offer survivors safe spaces to share their experiences, process trauma, and learn skills to help them heal.

Legal Advocacy

We offer survivors legal advocacy, helping them obtain protection orders, develop parenting plans, file for divorce and navigate immigration concerns and other legal matters. We partner with local attorneys to offer prop bono consultations.

Mental Health Therapy

LifeWire offers one-on-one and group mental health therapy for survivors and their children. Therapy can be key to increasing each survivor’s ability to heal from the emotional and often traumatizing effects of domestic violence.

If you have questions about your relationship or are experiencing abuse, call our 24-Hour Helpline at 425-746-1940 or send us a message.