LifeWire’s Quarterly Newsletter

Dear readers,

Welcome to the latest edition of our quarterly newsletter, where we share the latest updates and news from LifeWire. As an organization dedicated to ending domestic violence and supporting survivors, we are committed to providing you with the most relevant and informative content possible.

In this issue, we will be highlighting some of the work we have been doing over the past few months, including our advocacy efforts, counseling and support services, and events. You will also find stories from survivors who have found healing and hope through our programs and services.

At LifeWire, we believe that everyone has the right to live free from violence and abuse. We are grateful for your support in helping us achieve our mission and creating a safer and more equitable community for all.

Thank you for taking the time to read our newsletter, and we hope you find it informative and inspiring.

Here are some of our latest headlines:

  • Introducing Freddy Vega
    After intentional planning and collaboration between staff and the Board of Directors, LifeWire has created a full-time Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) manager role. In October 2022, LifeWire welcomed Freddy Vega to this leadership position! He is helping LifeWire to continue to build equitable space for internal staff in alignment with our core values and […]
  • Hope Starts Here Lunch
    Save the Date! Join us on Thursday, May 25, 2023, and find out more about the amazing work that LifeWire is doing in our community to prevent and end domestic violence. If you would like additional information, please contact Sukai Gaye, LifeWire Communications and Events Manager, at 425-229-5305 or LifeWire Gala & Auction Join us Saturday, […]
  • Celebrate Women’s History Month with LifeWire!
    Historically, women have been underrepresented in leadership roles due to various societal and cultural factors, including gender biases, stereotypes, and discrimination. Gender-based inequalities are addressed at LifeWire by promoting diversity and inclusivity at all levels. Our commitment to the representation of women in leadership positions continues. Women have the talent, skills, and experience to be amazing […]
  • LifeWire Hires New Co-Executive Director
    On behalf of LifeWire’s Board of Directors and staff, I am thrilled to announce we have hired our Co-Executive Director of Survivor Driven Services — Karlah Ramírez-Tánori! Over the past 20 years, Karlah has held multiple leadership roles dedicated to social justice, crisis intervention, and prevention in the non-profit gender-based violence field. She has held […]
  • Los inmigrantes sobrevivientes de violencia doméstica
    EnglishLos inmigrantes sobrevivientes de violencia doméstica presentan más barreras para poder escapar de sus agresores y obtener estabilidad que otras comunidades culturalmente específicas. El movimiento político y las estrictas políticas de inmigración implementadas en los últimos años aumentaron el sentimiento anti inmigratorio en todo el país que, combinado con las secuelas de la pandemia de […]
  • Domestic Violence and Immigration
    EspañolImmigrant survivors of domestic violence face more barriers to escaping their abusers and gaining stability than other culturally specific communities. Strict immigration rhetoric and policies implemented in recent years have increased anti-immigration sentiment throughout the country, which, combined with the Covid-19 pandemic, has negatively impacted this population of survivors. Although many cases go unreported and […]
  • Prevention Intern Interview
    An Interview with LifeWire’s Prevention Intern Evelyn Evelyn has recently become an intern with LifeWire’s Social Change Team. They describe this internship as “a lot of work on education for youth—going into schools, working on curriculum for young people about teen dating violence, sexual violence, and allyship. It’s really important because these are common, but […]