Hope and Power

Person holding a pencil looking at receipt and calculator

Hope and Power graduation day

Thirteen women gathered in LifeWire’s conference room. Each one beaming with pride. It was Hope and Power graduation day.

Hope and Power, a 10-week course developed by the YWCA, helps survivors of domestic violence rebuild from financial abuse and gain important skills to reach financial stability.

Financial abuse is a significant part of survivors’ experiences with domestic violence. It occurs in 98% of abusive relationships, yet its effects on survivors’ safety and well-being often remain hidden.

Rebuilding credit and savings after abuse

The women who attended Hope and Power all experienced financial abuse at the hands of their intimate partners. Some had their credit destroyed, others had their checks confiscated each month, and some had never been allowed to manage their own money.

For 10 weeks, the class listened to guest speakers from reputable financial institutions and partner organizations and learned how to build budgets, safety plan around finances, file taxes, save money, and rebuild credit.

At the end of their final class, each woman shared her experience and final thoughts:

“This class allowed me to have a voice and get involved in finances in a way I didn’t know how to before. Since the first day in class, I’ve been tracking every penny I spend, and I will continue to.”

“Thanks to this course, I found the strength and courage to start advocating for myself.”

“Before I took this course, I felt so much shame for the struggles I’ve been through. I felt so controlled when it came to money. But every new assignment helped me get one step closer to my goals.”

LifeWire is excited to continue our partnership with the YWCA to offer Hope and Power to more survivors in the future.