The impossible choice of homelessness or living with an abuser

Woman holding infant

“Ana” fled her abuser and found help at LifeWire 10 months ago. LifeWire helped her get safe, find housing, and covered the first few months’ rent until she found a stable job.

When Ana’s employer closed in the early days of the COVID-19 crisis, Ana feared eviction would leave her and her newborn homeless. Her abusive partner said he could pay, so Ana made the difficult decision to allow him back in (before the state stayed evictions.)

He is extremely controlling and abusive. Ana can only contact her legal advocate, by email, while he is asleep. Ana and her advocate hope she’ll soon get a protection order and appear in court by phone.

Survivors like Ana need your support to ensure they have access to legal and housing resources they need to live safer lives. Show your support today and give the gift of safety.