LifeWire’s “Domestic Violence and…” Blog

Each person who comes through LifeWire’s doors has one thing in common – they are experiencing domestic violence. Yet every survivor’s story is unique.

Every survivor’s experience with domestic violence is shaped by different factors, including their income level, gender, race, immigration status, access to healthcare, sexual orientation, and age – that impact the risks they face, the resources available to them, and the choices they make.

Some survivors are forced to choose between ending their relationship with their abusive partner or becoming homeless. Some have to choose between remaining undocumented or filing for citizenship and risking deportation. Others risk or fear risking the loss of professional or community status. Many fear that they will not be taken seriously.

To understand the unique barriers and challenges survivors of domestic violence face, we must also understand the other issues that impact their lives, their families and their communities.

Through “Domestic Violence and…” we’ll explore one issue at a time through the lens of domestic violence.