Self-care kit for the holidays

Cozy spot in front of a window with pillow, hot chocolate, candle, and books

The holiday season is a perfect time to think about self-care.

This time of year can bring up many different feelings for people who’ve experienced domestic violence. No matter your plans, it’s nice to keep a few things around that make you feel safe and calm. Try making a travel-friendly self-care kit so you can feel more grounded no matter where the season takes you. We rounded up a few ideas for what to include.


Journaling is a great way to ground yourself because it gives you a private outlet for your thoughts and feelings. Write about what you’re feeling, make a list of things you need to remember, or write a poem or a song.

Sketchbook or coloring book

If you’re more into drawing than writing, a sketchbook can relieve stress by getting those creative juices flowing. There are a lot of fun adult coloring books available too! Just don’t forget to pack some colored pencils.

Grounding techiniques

Grounding can help bring you into the present moment when you’re stressed or anxious. Try stretching, deep breathing, or engaging your senses to calm your body and mind.

Herbal tea

There’s nothing like a cup of hot tea to ease the mind. Chamomile is the classic calming tea, but there are many herbal blends to choose from. Slip a couple of packets in your bag and grab some hot water on the go.

Essential oils

Just about every self-care list includes essential oils, and for a good reason. Their powerful aromas can wake up your senses and help bring you back down to earth when you feel ungrounded. You can go with tried and true scents like lavender for calming, peppermint to boost your energy, or cedarwood to help you sleep.


Pack a pair of earbuds or headphones that you can connect to your phone. Then you can make a playlist of your favorite comfort songs, chill to calming music, or play a guided meditation to help you find your inner peace.

Fidget toy

Pack a fidget spinner, some silly putty, worry stones, or any trinket that keeps your hands busy. Focusing on the textures, colors, and movement of an object can help you stay centered.


Sometimes you need a good cry, and that’s okay! Keep a travel pack of tissues in your kit just in case you need them.

Healthy snacks

Stress is always harder to cope with when you’re hungry. Tossing a tasty snack into your self-care kit can give you the extra energy you need to enjoy your holiday plans or handle life’s challenges. You could make a trail mix of your favorite nuts, dried fruit, and chocolate, or grab something ready-to-eat like a granola bar.

Tasty treats

Do you have a favorite candy bar? A brand of chips you can’t live without? Add a fun treat to your kit so you can indulge when you need it. You deserve it!

Soft blanket or stuffed animal

Who doesn’t love a cozy blanket? Bringing something soft to cuddle up with can give you a sense of security whether you’re home or traveling.

Phone number for support

You are not alone! A reach out to someone in your support network if you need to talk.