Domestic Violence and the Holidays

Woman in a winter coat walking on a snowy road.

Struggling during the holidays

After Heather left her abusive partner, she felt sad, depressed, and unsure about her future. She also struggled with the challenges of being a single parent and the costs of building a new life.

“The holidays are usually full of joy and love and happiness, but inside I felt I had little of these things. The idea of giving my children a happy holiday experience seemed daunting, and I even considered skipping Christmas altogether.”

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Self-care kit for the holidays

Cozy spot in front of a window with pillow, hot chocolate, candle, and books

The holiday season is a perfect time to think about self-care.

This time of year can bring up many different feelings for people who’ve experienced domestic violence. No matter your plans, it’s nice to keep a few things around that make you feel safe and calm. Try making a travel-friendly self-care kit so you can feel more grounded no matter where the season takes you. We rounded up a few ideas for what to include.

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What I’m Grateful For

Thanksgiving with my family

It’s hard to believe that my boys and I spent last Thanksgiving homeless. We were living in a warehouse with no food, no water, and no kitchen. Instead of enjoying a home-cooked holiday meal together, we were wondering where our next meal would come from and praying my boys’ abusive father wouldn’t find us.

But because of you, this Thanksgiving is different. This Thanksgiving, we’ll enjoy a home-cooked meal in our very own home for the first time in many years.

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