Weathering the storms

Woman in winter clothing and hat standing in snowfall looking towards sun

Unexpected snow day

Debbie was excited when she moved into her own apartment in February. After a year living in shelters, she looked forward to having a place of her own where she felt safe and could continue to heal.

But, the first morning Debbie woke up to several inches of snow. She didn’t know what to do. The neighborhood was unfamiliar, and her fridge and cupboards were still bare.

Fortunately, while February storms closed LifeWire’s office for six days, our advocates continued to provide survivors with vital support and services.

Participants received therapy and advocacy sessions by phone. Helpline callers connected to advocates working remotely. When survivors missed work due to snow days, advocates accessed flexible funds to cover rent and buy groceries.

Weathering the storm together

Debbie shared her concerns over the phone with her advocate, who happened to live nearby. Putting on her boots and warm clothing, Debbie’s advocate walked the mile from her own home to help. Together they navigated the slippery streets, purchasing food, pots and pans, and other essentials so Debbie could weather the rest of the storm on her own.

No matter the weather, survivors and advocates work together daily to problem solve solutions to life’s challenges.