Why I Give: Sandy Noll

Sandy Noll smilingGrowing up in a middle class family in the suburbs, where kids played from sun-up to sun-down, I couldn’t imagine that life wasn’t perfect in every home. I didn’t know that kids I went to school with suffered at the hands of a parent, or watched a parent be abused. It wasn’t until I was in my late 40’s and reconnected with a high school friend, who lived in an abusive home as a child, did I realize how prevalent DV is.

Having been a single mom for most of my adult life, I have struggled financially at times. I have couch surfed for months on end, finally realizing I was “homeless.” I have sold personal items on Craigslist to pay for a tank of gas so I could meet my clients. I can’t even imagine going through any of what I did, fearful an abuser would some how get to me.

I am a Giver. My whole life I’ve been about empowering and lifting/encouraging those around me. Even in my darkest days, there was always a silver lining. When the opportunity presented itself to help victims of domestic violence, I was all in!

On a very different scale, I understand and know first hand the importance of having people who are there to help you. It can’t always be our family or friends, so organizations like LifeWire are invaluable in all they do. All it takes is one kind word or gesture, and this creates hope! With hope, overcoming the odds becomes possible.

I am grateful for the introduction to LifeWire! In the short time I’ve been a part of the Giving Society, sadly my eyes have been opened to how prevalent DV is, even for our teens with their first boyfriends / girlfriends. Although my life is super busy with my kids, grandson, and Real Estate clients, it is greatly satisfying knowing my monthly contribution to LifeWire can go a long ways in helping a survivor of DV. From housing and food needs, to legal aid and so much more. LifeWire has put in place an amazing organization that does so much for so many, and they will have my support for years and years to come. Thank you to all the staff and volunteers for all you selflessly do and give!”