Contracting with LifeWire

Partner in LifeWire’s mission to end domestic violence and support survivors on their journey to safety, stability, and healing. LifeWire, a compassionate nonprofit organization, seeks dedicated individuals for contracting opportunities. If you’re passionate about making a difference and committed to fostering a community free from domestic violence, we invite you to explore opportunities to contribute your skills and expertise to LifeWire’s work as a contractor in partnership with our teams.

How to Contract with Our Teams

To submit your letter of interest in a contracted role, please send your rrésumé, detailing your relevant experience for one of the openings listed below together with a cover letter sharing your qualifications for contracted work and your alignment with LifeWire’s mission, vision, and values.

Open Contracting Opportunities

Contract Role: Mental Health Therapist
Collaborates with: Survivor Services Manager
Hours: 25 hours/week
Contract Rate: $80/hour
Classification: Contractor, Hourly Rate

LifeWire is an equal opportunity/affirmative action employer. We value diversity in our contractors and partnerships. Survivors of domestic violence and persons of color are encouraged to inquire about contracting opportunities.


LifeWire supports survivors of domestic violence on their path towards safety, stability, and healing. We work to end domestic violence by changing community beliefs, attitudes, and behaviors. Domestic violence is a human rights issue. LifeWire envisions a community in which every person lives in a safe environment, free from oppression and with the opportunity to thrive.


LifeWire delivers unique and compassionate services that provide profound healing. We focus on truly empowering survivors and giving them every opportunity to thrive and succeed. We offer opportunity and hope through services like our award-winning children’s programs, life-changing Housing Stability Program and groundbreaking social change work. As a result, survivors are able to attend to their basic needs, rebuild their lives, find peace and become self-sufficient. Each survivor reaching out to LifeWire has a unique story. Each individual success is a victory.


LifeWire’s Contracted Mental Health Therapists provide and coordinate individual mental health counseling sessions and group mental health counseling. The therapist also manages the referral list and consults with other professionals on mental health concerns within LifeWire and external MIDD partnership with King County Behavioral Health and Recovery Division.


  • Provide survivors referred to mental health services with up to 12 sessions/person (with some exceptions) to address stresses related to domestic violence and supporting the development of additional coping skills.
  • Provide enhanced trauma processing interventions using best practices/promising practice (such as EMDR, etc.) for those survivors requiring this level of support.
  • Meet monthly with Survivor Advocacy Services Manager and Mental Health team for survivor engagement and data entry progress check-ins.
  • Coordinate seasonal support groups with the Survivor Advocacy Services Manager.
  • Co-manage the mental health referral list and conduct needs assessments.
  • Remain knowledgeable of service and agency guidelines and procedures to make informed and independent decisions in emergencies and daily activities.
  • Maintain confidential work environment.
  • Participate in system data collection in an accurate, complete, trauma informed and timely manner.
    Support a minimum of two internal LifeWire staff training sessions a year dependent on organizational needs e.g., assist direct service staff in navigating regulation techniques,suicidal ideation response, de-escalation tools and MH training to better serve survivors.


  • Master’s degree in related field. Licensed or certified by the State of Washington as a Mental Health Professional required.
  • Multilingual/cultural preferred. Fluency to provide services in one of the five following languages: Spanish, Mandarin, Russian, Vietnamese, or Farsi.
  • Two or more years’ experience in crisis intervention and domestic violence advocacy preferred.
  • Demonstrates ability to articulate an intersectional understanding of race, identity,marginalization and domestic violence.
  • Willingness to practice cultural humility and open-mindedness around conversations pertaining to race, identity, and equity.
  • Experience working with individuals experiencing chemical dependency or menta lhealth concerns preferred.
  • Experience, skill, and willingness to work with a culturally diverse team and participants.
  • Meet LifeWire background check requirements.
  • Proficient in computer applications and software, and the ability to adapt to new technologies.
  • Work independently and as part of a team to deliver services.
  • Attend work regularly, including scheduled work time outside of typical office hours.

If interested in this contracting opportunity, please send your resume detailing your qualifications and experience, and letter of interest to