Preventing Domestic Violence

Group of racially diverse teens wearing school backpacks and carrying notebooks smile as they walk on campus.

LifeWire works with teens and young adults to develop healthy foundations early in life, preventing future violence. We understand that successful prevention involves shifting the individual, relationship, community, and societal factors contributing to domestic violence. At the individual level, we work to promote attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors that prevent violence. At the relationship level, we aim to promote healthy relationships and strengthen skills for building and maintaining those relationships. We also offer strategies for young people to support their peers and intervene to prevent situations that may increase risk. Our school-wide social norms campaigns aim to address the societal level by changing attitudes across campus.

Community Engagement and Prevention

LifeWire partners with area high schools, Bellevue College, and the University of Washington Bothell to ensure young people have the tools they need to build healthy relationships and identify unhealthy behaviors. LifeWire mentors student leaders who help foster informed youth communities that feel empowered to prevent violence.

Violence Prevention

LifeWire works with partner schools to teach dating violence prevention through health education and leadership classes. Students learn about healthy vs. unhealthy relationships, what dating violence is and isn’t, warning signs of an abusive or toxic relationship, and how to help a friend and access community resources.

Gender Equity Clubs

LifeWire collaborates with and helps develop gender-equity-focused clubs in partner schools, shifting campus culture to value and support healthy relationship behaviors and embody violence prevention practices. LifeWire supports these clubs in hosting by-and-for youth events and meetings to raise awareness and teach young people vital skills around creating safer communities.

Summer Training for Youth

LifeWire collaborates with the Gender Orientated Violence Alliance and Activism club (GOVAA) at Interlake High School to support their Summer Training event each year. This event is a by-and-for opportunity for youth to teach and learn from each other about issues around Gender-Based Violence. Learn more about GOVAA on their website or Instagram.

Team Up Washington

As a founding partner in Team Up Washington, LifeWire provides “Coaching Boys Into Men” and “Athletes as Leaders” training for high school athletic coaches throughout the state.