We Promote Healthy Relationships

LifeWire works with youth and young adults to develop healthy foundations early in life, preventing future violence.

Community Engagement and Prevention

LifeWire partners with area high schools and Bellevue College to ensure that young people have the tools they need to identify and build healthy relationships, support each other and family members, and practice leadership that promotes gender equity and challenges violent attitudes and behaviors.

Violence Prevention

LifeWire works with partner schools to teach violence prevention through the schools’ health education and leadership classes.

Gender Equity Clubs

We foster Gender Equity Clubs in partner schools to develop campus cultures that value healthy relationships and promote gender equity.

Youth Training Institute

At LifeWire’s summer youth training institute, students develop leadership skills and knowledge around gender equity and gender-based violence, preparing them to respond safely and supportively.

Team Up Washington

As a founding partner in Team Up Washington, LifeWire provides “Coaching Boys Into Men” training for high school athletic coaches throughout the state.