2021-2023 Strategic Plan

Young boy in a LifeWire t-shirt giving the thumbs-up

Every three years, LifeWire staff and board work together to create a strategic plan to better serve survivors of domestic violence while ensuring our organization’s sustainability.


LifeWire is an innovative leader in advocacy, housing, mental health, and legal services for survivors of domestic violence.

  • Expand housing services for survivors and relocate transitional housing.
  • Increase advocacy support for homeless and near-homeless participants.
  • Interrupt the generational cycle of abuse through development and implementation of services for children of participating survivors.
  • Increase survivor access to community and systems based social services.

Social Change

LifeWire impacts culture and community to prevent and end domestic violence.

  • Expand sustainable domestic violence prevention strategies in East and North King County schools.
  • Cultivate racial equity and increased accountability at LifeWire through internal capacity building, measurement, hiring, training, and outreach with BIPOC communities.


LifeWire ensures the continuity, consistency, and high quality of our services, staff, and initiatives.

  • Increase multi-year revenue from private and public sources.
  • Ensure that financial and operational systems maximally support the work of the organization.
  • Engage and develop a highly effective workforce.