Why I Give – Bob Maher

Bob Maher
Survivors are heroes

Survivors of domestic violence are heroes. I first learned this when my wife, Amy, started her work as a crisis line volunteer for LifeWire over 20 years ago. I learned that survivors are often in life-threatening situations and that power, control, and violence are used as weapons. Since learning those first lessons, I’ve also learned that there is hope. As I’ve learned more about what LifeWire does, I’ve realized that it is possible to save lives, and I’ve become hopeful that we can prevent domestic violence through education.

I give to LifeWire because we have so much work to do to end domestic violence. I am so impressed with their focus on advocacy to help people in crisis and their increased focus on education to prevent domestic violence. LifeWire has a formula that works. They just need support from people like me.

Three steps for helping

I am not on the front line like LifeWire, but I can help. I have three steps for giving that I think others can follow.

Step 1: Give just a little more than I thought I could.

Step 2: Take the extra two minutes to fill out the form for my company match (it’s easy and increases the impact).

Step 3: Remember that survivors are heroes, and that heroes sometimes need help.