Why I Give – Kim Olmstead

Kim holding Tia, a medium sized black lab

My Parents

I was raised by terrific parents. My dad always treated my mom and me with respect, admiration, and love. My mom set a powerful example by standing up for herself, stating her case, and compromising. Their marriage was (and still is) a partnership of mutual respect. In our home, everyone had a right and a voice. Every child and adult should live in such an environment.

That conviction made ending domestic violence my passion. It led me to volunteer and serve on the board. And it is why I continue to give my time and resources to LifeWire.

Helping Survivors

In 2010, I researched a number of organizations and decided to get involved with what was, at that time, Eastside Domestic Violence Program (EDVP). Right away, the intelligence, selflessness, and passion of the staff and leadership impressed me. I believed in their operating mantra: a person has the right to choose, and there are no barriers to LifeWire’s services.

I took the 20-hour Domestic Violence Advocacy & Volunteer Training, where many trainees were survivors. Their stories, courage, and commitment to help other survivors left me humbled and awed. I learned and became even more committed to the cause.

My admiration for and pride in LifeWire continued to grow. I witnessed staff work tirelessly to end domestic violence and advocate for survivors with respect, creativity, and undaunted determination. I saw the organization’s programs evolve to include more prevention services and flexible funding to help survivors find and keep safe homes.

Why I Support LifeWire

I keep giving to LifeWire because my time and resources are multiplied and invested in life-saving services and social change. I’ve been moved to tears – many times – hearing survivor stories about how LifeWire helped them leave an abusive relationship and find safety, support, and a new beginning. LifeWire is a leader in the domestic violence movement, helping other organizations innovate programs, working to change laws, and mobilizing communities.

I am extremely grateful for LifeWire’s services and have recommended them to women and men who have asked me for DV resources. Its mission to “end domestic violence and create a world where every person lives in a safe environment, free from oppression and with the opportunity to thrive” continues to move me to action. Thanks for your powerful example, mom and dad!

-Kim Olmstead