Team Up Washington

Team Up Washington Logo in front of a soccer field

We are excited to announce the launch of Team Up Washington, a partnership between LifeWire, Washington State Coalition Against Domestic Violence, and Harborview Center for Sexual Assault and Traumatic Stress. This exciting initiative uses sports as a platform to prevent violence by empowering student-athletes to be leaders at their high schools and in their communities.

Team Up Washington recognizes that high school athletic coaches and mentors play an extremely influential role in the lives of young people. Because of the time they spend with student-athletes and the relationships they develop, coaches and mentors are uniquely poised to positively influence how young people think and behave, on and off the field.

The initiative uses two research-based violence prevention programs, Athletes As Leaders and Coaching Boys Into Men. Both have a positive effect on social norms in high schools by helping student-athletes build healthy relationship skills and creating a culture of safety and respect.

Team Up Washington will offer three training events in the Seattle area in 2019/20. They are free, and open to coaches, athletic directors, team mentors, and advocates across Washington state. Thanks to the Seattle Seahawks, 710 ESPN Seattle, and the Seattle Mariniers for hosting and supporting these trainings. Learn more about upcoming training opportunities.