Bailey’s Story

Bailey seemed tentative when she approached the LifeWire advocate. The sophomore health class had just finished an hour and a half training on domestic and teen dating violence. Working in pairs, the students acted out different dating scenarios designed to teach them how to recognize the warning signs of unhealthy relationships. Bailey told the LifeWire advocate that she recognized several of these signs in her own relationship.

Young woman, looking confidentShe had been dating a boy at her Eastside high school for several months. Over time, he became increasingly controlling. He checked her texts, demanded she spend time with him and refused to listen when Bailey tried to break up with him. But, because he had never hit her or yelled at her, Bailey hadn’t considered their relationship unhealthy.

For twenty minutes Bailey talked with the LifeWire advocate about how to approach the break-up she planned for the next day. Together, they created a safety plan, discussing where the break-up would take place and how she would get support from friends and family.

Thanks to partnerships with local high schools, colleges and universities, LifeWire uses innovative exercises to engage students like Bailey and provide them with the skills they need to have healthy relationships. These trainings also open the door for students to talk about domestic or teen dating violence and receive the support they need to live healthy lives.

Children’s Services

Four kids

LifeWire offers individual advocacy and weekly support groups for children and youth who have witnessed abuse in their homes as well as for teens who have experienced violence in their own dating relationships. Often youth join our support groups because a parent is participating in LifeWire’s services or because they participated in one of our workshops in their school or community group. In 2017, 311 children and youth participated in LifeWire’s support groups.

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Meeting the needs of child and teen survivors

Krystle and Jane_photo framce

One in 15 children is exposed to domestic violence each year. As teens, 1 in 3 will become involved in an abusive relationship with a dating partner. Since 2012, LifeWire has seen an increase in the number of children and teens seeking support as a result of domestic violence. We’ve made it our mission to begin enhancing our programs to meet this increased demand for youth services.

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Inspiring social change at Bellevue College

Ward Urion

Domestic violence prevention is a cornerstone of LifeWire’s work. Our Social Change Manager, Ward Urion, educates thousands of students, community leaders and faith leaders each year about the impact of domestic violence. He also equips them with tools they need for identifying, responding to, and preventing domestic violence in their homes and communities.

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