Why I Give: Darryl Roberts

Darryl RobertsDarryl Roberts – LifeWire Board President

My engagement with LifeWire began over five years ago when my son’s close friend was experiencing domestic violence within his family. My wife and I saw the destructive impact it had on this good-hearted kid and offered to take him into our home.

While I researched ways to support him, I was introduced to LifeWire and their work with survivors of domestic violence. I was so impressed with the organization’s leadership, outcome-focused services, and team strength, I joined the board to see how I could help.

I am committed to LifeWire and its mission, which is one of the reasons I also joined the LifeWire Giving Society. Working with LifeWire has been rewarding to me personally and to my family. Through the knowledge I have gained and shared, we have been able to identify and refer friends who may be in unhealthy relationships to LifeWire.