Why We Give: Andrew & Alycen Farrell

Andrew and Alycen Farell in front of the Space Needle at night

Andrew & Alycen Farrell, LifeWire Giving Society Members

When we first met in our early twenties, we shared with each other, our values, dreams, and life passions. We shared stories that shaped us, including stories of domestic violence.

We both have known survivors of domestic violence all our lives. As young adults, we didn’t think domestic violence would be so prevalent around us. It certainly didn’t have space in the life we were forming together. But, time and time again, we met survivors and saw how the right resources could dramatically change the course of their lives.

Aly was profoundly affected when a woman fleeing an incredibly abusive marriage entered her teenage life. The woman was her mother’s newly hired employee, who had moved from the only small town she had known seeking refuge and a new life away from her dying husband and non-understanding adult children. She became an integral member of their extended family.

After college, Aly worked five years at the Minneapolis Crisis Nursery, where she saw first-hand how domestic violence impacted families. Andrew, in his first years of management, saw the impact domestic violence had on a colleague. These and other experiences have had a lasting impression on us. We still see similar situations on the Eastside, where the economy is booming, and prosperous professionals are the norm. We now know this epidemic has no boundaries, but it is completely preventable. Some solutions are as simple as finding an escape from an overly-dependent and hostile relationship. Other times require numerous resources, from counseling to relocation, and a plethora of services in between.

No matter the needs, we believe strongly in the grounded staff and services provided by LifeWire. And we are sincerely grateful for the meaningful and successful work they do every day. LifeWire is the all-encompassing solution for eliminating domestic violence in our community.

Andrew & Alycen Farrell