Why I Give: Sharon Goldberg

Sharon Goldberg

Why I Give

I’ve been connected with LifeWire for more than 20 years, first as a volunteer, then as a Board Member, and now as a member of the Giving Society. I was first drawn to LifeWire, then Eastside Domestic Violence Program, because I was especially interested in issues around women’s rights and empowerment, and because I strongly believe we all deserve to be in safe and nourishing relationships.


When I participated in the volunteer training my eyes were opened wide. I learned about the prevalence and dynamics of domestic violence. I learned it’s not just a women’s issue and it crosses all demographic groups. I learned that violence can be physical, emotional, financial, and sexual. I learned that violence cycles and escalates, and that victims are in greatest danger when they try to leave or do leave abusive relationships. And I learned how LifeWire provides services and support to help survivors create safe environments for themselves and their children. As a volunteer with the support group program, I met many child survivors of domestic abuse, kids whose home environments were disruptive and dangerous, including some who were living at My Sister’s Home, LifeWire’s confidential emergency shelter.

Board Member

While I served on the Board, I watched LifeWire evolve, adapt, and continue to grow as an organization with sound business practices and innovative programs. I’m especially impressed by LifeWire’s commitment to domestic violence prevention, including their partnerships with schools to ensure young people have the tools they need to build healthy relationships and practice leadership that promotes gender equity and challenges violent attitudes and behaviors.

Giving Society

As a member of the LifeWire Giving Society I’ve committed to making a five-year annual contribution to help continue the organization’s important work. Awareness of domestic violence is increasing—a good thing—and more people are reaching out for support. I’m grateful LifeWire is here to offer hope and pathways for survivors. I share LifeWire’s vision: a world in which every person lives in a safe environment, free from oppression and with the opportunity to thrive.

-Sharon Goldberg